Personal Trainer

We will start with an intake meeting to get a good impression of your health, needs and desires. Based on this information I will design a programme adjusted to your personal needs. Training times and locations are flexible and can take place either at the gym (Basic-Fit, Amstelstraat, Amsterdam), at your office, at home or outside.

Possible trainings include are a TRX-training*, ViPR-training**, circuit training, bodyweight reduction or muscle building up training.

We can do a FMS*** followed by functional and posture correction exercise.

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times. Therefore doing physical exercise in a positive and motivating environment, including lifestyle advice,
will make this a lot easier and even become natural after a while.

Personal Training is also suitable for athletes who lead a healthy lifestyle already, but feel the need to improve or alter the training in order to get better results.
A diversified training is the key to booking results and staying motivated. 

There are always excuses not to train, but there are always better reasons to improve the quality of your life. Feel better and healthier! Don't let the lack of time or motivation get in your way to book a free session with me.


*TRX-training: TRX-suspension training is practiced  with two "ropes" using your body-weight. It is suited for all levels, beginner up to professional athlete. Originated in the US army, it is used by many professional athletes. A TRX training can take place at your office, home or in the park.

**ViPR-training: A ViPR-training is a workout with "rubber tubes" (4 to 20 kilo's). The ViPR is used to train the whole body, the advantage being, that a lot of muscles are trained at the same time and therefore lots of calories are burned in a short period of time. Instead of just exercising, movements are close to daily life or other sports.  

***FMS: Functional Movement Screening identifies functional limitations and asymmetries (for example if one leg can't be lifted as high as the other). With your results we will put together a series of correctional exercises as well as posture correcting exercises.

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