I have completed my basic studies at the European qualified BSA-Academy in Munich, Germany:

- BSA Fitnesstrainer B-Licence

- BSA Ernährungstrainer B-Lizenz, Nutrition

- BSA Trainer für Cardiofitness, Cardio Training

- BSA Gesundheitstrainer, Prevention Training

- BSA Trainer für Sportrehabilitation,   Rehabilitation

- BSA Leistungssport Body-Trainer, Bodybuilding

- BSA Fitnesstrainer A- Licence

- BSA Qualified Personal Trainer

- TRX certified

- Ereps (European register of exercise professionals) certified personal trainer

- ViPR certified

- FMS level 1&2 certified

- HKC certified (Kettlebell)

- NESPG sport-masseur

  1. -Athletes Performance Phase 1 Mentorship

  2. -RKC certified (Kettlebell)

  3. -KNKF Olympic weightlifting certified trainer

  4. -Athletes Performance/
    EXOS Phase 2 Mentorship


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